How We Work with You to Meet Your Learning and Development Needs

When clients approach us with unique learning and development needs, we respond with a proven Learning to Performance Process that emphasizes:

• A genuine partnership based on trust and mutual responsibility
• A deep understanding of your conditions and vision
• A recognition of and respect for constraints on your time, budget, and resources

Voy Strategies highly developed learning management team draws upon experiences and insights gathered over two decades of training, coaching, and consulting in public- and private organizations to help you build the capabilities of your people.

We will work with you to:

  • Meet you where you are and work within the context of your      organizational culture.
  • Align your learning and development needs with your organization’s strategic goals and initiatives, performance management system, and plans for succession to create an integrated learning experience.
  •  Link practical, on-the-ground reality with relevant theory and processes to help you reach your desired learning and development goals.
  • Leverage your internal and external resources to create an environment for learning that will raise performance to new levels.
  • Select the best kind of learning and development experiences to meet your learning needs.

Some examples include:  

  1.  Custom content that integrates specific organizational processes, vocabulary, challenges, and case studies into the learning experiences
  2.  Group exercises to stretch existing assumptions, create new perspectives, and learn from each other
  3.  Practice sessions to build skills for measurable growth and change
  4.  Situation-specific explorations that offer new learning – New tools and techniques to improve the way work gets done
  5.  Application of learning technology to sustain learning and growth
  6.  Measure the value exchange of working together. We believe the learning and development experiences we provide should deliver the investment made in them—as measured by value, impact, and net gain to your organization.

Instructional Design & Development

We employ a contemporary ADDIE model that is based on a segmented planning process that is transparent from initial concept to course evaluation and revision. Our implementation of the ADDIE model blends multiple approaches and incorporates e-learning for onsite and web modules.

 Relying on the traditional ADDIE participant center approach, we incorporate analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation into each course design. Beginning with a complete outline of the learning objectives, VOY STRATEGIES prepares each course for the best use of practices and interactive scenario based learning tools to ensure we meet the goals set. 

We begin with writing the learning objectives, identifying the most appropriate methodologies for training, and then focus on creating interactions or practice opportunities to ensure participants retain the skills long after the training is completed. Our approach ensures each course or series of courses are accurately defined and the best instructional methodology incorporated while the instructional prepares the delivery.

Step 1:Analysis. Define components, facts, methods, terms, and processes.
The ADDIE model ensures an systematic, transparent process from analysis
through implementation and evaluation.

 Step 2: Design. Create an outline incorporating the insight from the initial 
analysis and identify the learning objectives; pre-requisite requirements; course requirements and outline; performance standards; structure and order of the course; testing materials; evaluation criteria; and cost analysis.   

Step 3: Development. Prepare all course materials and activities in accordance with the determined delivery models.

Step 4: Implementation. Deploy and deliver the course or series of courses in accordance with the analysis, design, and development stages; manage the overall administration and delivery of all courses including information that includes participant and instructor data, materials, and other course related data for monitoring all activities.

Step 5: Evaluation. Assess and evaluate the activities associated the course delivery from the initial analysis through implementation to ensure we continually collect and solicit feedback into ongoing enhancements and improvements. 


Assessment and Feedback

Successful organizations approach performance management by assessing capabilities, guiding development, and developing clear performance expectations. This approach enables organizations to focus on the performance of people rather than the work to be done. 

Voy Strategies offers validated assessments and feedback tools to help individuals and teams recognize their strengths and developmental needs against specific competencies for individual, team, and organizational effectiveness.  

Assessments for Performance at All Levels We offer a range of surveys to assess the performance of employees across your organization. They include:

• Executive survey tool for the most senior level executives
• Leader tool for senior management
• Manager survey tool for supervisors to senior managers
• Performance survey for non-supervisory or non- management employees
• Emotional intelligence survey tool for employees at all levels
• Team survey tool for teams looking in internal team effectiveness
• Custom survey tool to support the existing competency framework in place at      your organization

As your committed partner, Voy Strategies will:

• Help you understand the 360-degree process
• Help you select the right survey tool for your particular audience and assessment need
• Provide you with secure online and confidential surveys, and helpful tools to support the assessment process
• Prepare individuals to receive feedback reports through one-on-one coaching sessions or in a group workshop
• Work with individuals or groups to create action plans for the learning, growth, and change they desire to make
• Provide follow-on coaching and consulting services, as desired, to support continuous learning and development for individuals and groups involved in the assessment and feedback process

Organizational Development (OD)  & Business Development Services

​One classic definition of organization development comes from Richard Beckhard’s 1969 Organization Development: Strategies and Models:

Organization Development is an effort (1) planned, (2) organization-wide, and (3) managed from the top, to (4) increase organization effectiveness and health through (5) planned interventions in the organizations "processes,” using behavioral-science knowledge.

Other definitions from leaders in Organization Development Network:

"OD is a field directed at interventions in the processes of human systems (formal and informal groups, organizations, communities, and societies) in order to increase their effectiveness and health using a variety of disciplines, principally applied behavioral sciences. OD requires practitioners to be conscious about the values guiding their practice and focuses on achieving its results through people."
Arnold Minors, Arnold Minors & Associates, Toronto, Canada

You want to hire an OD consultant,  because we are trained to see behavior, patterns, and areas for improvement that other disciplines don't address.

Where expert consulting firms deliver recommendations based upon their technical knowledge in your sector, OD consultants empower you and your staff -- the very people who actually know the work best -- to think creatively about new ways of working and getting results.  OD consultants are committed to improving the performance and effective operation of the organization and, simultaneously, to the development and empowerment of your staff.

The role of an OD consultant is to help frame up the business problem, advise on the assembly of a diverse team, support the team leader in developing the project plan, advise on tools and methods needed for optimum group performance, design and facilitating meetings or events as needed, coaching group members toward optimum performance, and keeping the group's work focused on the task at hand.

An OD consultant is focused on the social system of the organization, noticing and observing the communication patterns and interpersonal dynamics that contribute to, or undermine, the group's success.

Facilitation Services

Whether your need is to develop and agree upon a solution to a project issue or create a realistic plan to address an emerging team situation, with Voy Strategies Facilitation Services you will experience a time-tested, easy-to-apply facilitation process to help you achieve your group’s goals.

Our Facilitators are Leaders in Their Field

We understand the importance of giving attention to group dynamics and processes. Our facilitators help to create an environment in which individuals can engage in dialogue and experience new learning and the group can resolve the issue at hand. They also serve as role models for individuals participating in a group facilitated session.

When groups work with our facilitators, they learn an effective facilitation process while seeing first-hand how specific tools and techniques contribute to the success of a group facilitated session. Learning and action is at the heart of our group facilitated sessions

If You Have a Need to: Lead a Change Initiative

 Your group of leaders or managers will be guided by our expert facilitators to strategically and systematically plan and prepare for your change initiative. You will receive assistance to carefully examine the scope, complexity, resistance, culture, and change capability of the group or organization to help you navigate possible hurdles that could get in the way of achieving your change goals.

Transform Groups of Individuals into Teams

You will experience team transformation that focuses on creating a spirit of collaboration, support, and encouragement. The focus of your team facilitated session will be on understanding the behavioral styles of individuals, exploring and overcoming workplace challenges, and agreeing on a team performance contract for the future.

Commit to a Compelling Strategy

During a retreat or work session, your leaders will work together to set the strategic goals and initiatives for the coming year. If you desire any follow-on facilitation support, your leaders can come together again to refine the detailed communication plan and set priorities for specific actions to be taken.

Assistance Available by the hour / day ...

Business Development Support

  • Business Development  (Strategic/Hunting/Shaping)
  • Business Development Process
  • Business Development Training
  • Business Development  Assessment
  • Business Development  Hiring/Personnel
  • Business Development Coaching Individual/Group
  • Subject Matter Experts

OD, Training, Development, Facilitation, Assessment & Evaluation Support

  • Senior Consultant
  • Consultant
  • Program Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Resource Management Specialist (HR)
  • Senior Instructional Designer
  • Instructional Designer
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Instructor/Facilitator`1
  • Senior Graphic Artist
  • Junior Graphic Artist
  • eLearning Designer
  • Senior Coach (ICF Certified)
  •  Coach
  • Senior Evaluator
  • Evaluator
  • Program Administration
  • Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Programmer
  • Senior Technical  Writer / Documentation Specialist
  • Technical Writer/ Documentation Specialist
  • Registrar / Training Data Management Specialist
  • Admin III
  • Admin II
  • Admin I


  • Select one of our courses / workshops
  • Provide your course materials for delivery 

1 Day Course CONUS (labor, materials, and instructor travel included (max. 20 participants) See Catalog or client course***

2 Day Course CONUS(labor, materials, and instructor travel included (max. 20 participants) See Catalog or client course***

3 Day Course CONUS (labor, materials, and instructor travel included (max. 20 participants) See Catalog or client course***

4 Day Course CONUS (labor, materials, and instructor travel included (max. 20 participants) See Catalog or client course*** 

5 Day Course CONUS (labor, materials, and instructor travel included (max. 20 participants) See Catalog or client course***

1 Day Organizational Development Team Workshops CONUS (labor, materials, and instructor travel included (max. 20 participants)***

2 Day Organizational Development Team Workshops CONUS (labor, materials, and instructor travel included (max. 20 participants)***

3 Day Organizational Development Team Workshops CONUS (labor, materials, and instructor travel included (max. 20 participants)***


Performance Optimization is the gateway to exploring new dimensions of self, others, and the organization/operation. When people come together to learn about how “Performers”  think and behave, real learning and change occurs as they analyze critical workplace issues and support each other to think, problem-solve, and create innovative solutions.

Training Strategies

 If you are looking to improve overall workforce development, and leadership performance, our expert facilitators,coaches and consultants will work closely with you to uncover and identify areas for growth and improvement, and then consider our wide range of services to increase business development and revenue generation capability and accelerate performance improvement.

Our range of professional services include:

  •             Organizational Development
  •             Business Development/Sales
  •             Facilitation
  •             Coaching
  •             Instructional Design/ Development
  •             Assessment/Evaluation                                                                          

We believe that individuals and organizations have a tremendous capacity and responsibility to lead and perform. Harnessing this capacity requires the intentional development of individual and organizational business development capabilities. Voy Strategies offerings exist to help individuals, groups, and organizations develop their revenue generation capabilities. Through the development of performance optimization capabilities, organizations can make progress and accomplish their missions. 

To meet our clients’ diverse performance optimization needs, we offer a wide range of products and services such as training, consulting, team workshops, coaching, assessments (individual and organizational), strategic and communication plans and evaluation services.

Performance Optimized focuses development on the intersection of self, team, and the organization/operation. 

Technology, Cyber, Engineering, Program and Management Strategies