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We  have over 200 Professional Development Courses.

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If you need to develop your business development, sales, revenue generation or leadership skills and capabilities, Voy Strategies can meet that need. With an individual approach to organizational achievement, we create learning experiences that help individuals advance their capabilities and contribute to the success of their teams and organizations/operations. Our offerings include:

Training Open-Enrollment

 Each year we develop the business development, sales, revenue generation, and leadership skills of hundreds of individuals and hundreds of organizations. Our open-enrollment training, offered nationwide, is facilitated to help participants learn the tools, techniques, and best practices they can apply directly to their work environment. 


 If you have a group of people—large or small—you want to train, all of the courses in our catalog are available for delivery at your location. Each year we facilitate hundreds of programs onsite all over the country and internationally. Our expert client engagement coordinators will ensure you receive the best learning experience for your group when and where you need it. If you do not have facilities available for learning, we can make arrangements for you with our extensive network of hotels.

Custom Training, Design & Development

 We offer customized learning and development programs designed to increase the leadership and management capability of individuals, teams, groups, and organizations. Whether you are looking for a training course to develop mandated leadership competencies or a comprehensive leadership development program, we can support your learning and development needs.

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