Coaching & Mentoring

VOY STRATEGIES coaching is driven by our credentialed,  experienced, and specialized coaching team who provide onsite, virtual, and online group, executive, leadership, career, business development, sales, life, wellness, and other specialized services.

Knowledge Management (KM)

Our KM support is customized to meet program, logistical, analytical, system's needs. Our services include program support; registration and logistical support/management/ analytical modeling; accreditation; content management; learning management; and learning solution services.

Workforce Development

We are prepared to augment or support existing employees with leadership, technical and non-technical, and operational development services. We offer assessments; course/curriculum design and development; facilitation and collaboration; OD and intervention; and evaluation services.

Organizational Development and Intervention Services  
VOY Strategies provide OD specialized, tailored services for new and established organizations developing, modifying, or analyzing their current corporate cultures and environments. We are equipped with the resources to support short-term and extensive OD services.

Systems Engineering 

 VOY Strategies brings an integrated interdisciplinary approach to the development of complex engineered systems.  Our experts set us apart from others by combining the core elements of systems engineering (project management, fundamentals of systems, safety and reliability, systems architecture, and model based systems).

Data Analytics

VOY Strategies data analytics services models utilizes qualitative and quantitative techniques and processes used to enhance productivity and organizational gain. Data is extracted and categorized to identify and analyze static and behavioral data and patterns, and techniques vary according to specific organizational requirements.

Data Operations Center Services

Our data center services allow organizations to focus on the strategy based aspects of operation. Our teams augment daily operations to allow IT departments to keep up with changes in technology and processes that allow them to offer services that are pertinent to their business demands: Data center migrations and relocations:Hardware and software deployments: Virtualization
Installs, moves, adds and changes;Asset wiping and disposal; Project managemen

Cyber Services

VOY Strategies understands that new threats require new ways of defending networks, businesses and intellectual property. So we deliver the tools, training, analytics, visibility and intelligence you need to fortify your programs and improve organizational resilience. We provide advisory, transformation, implementation and managed cyber services to help you mitigate risks and take full advantage of advanced technologies and proven risk management models.

Program Management & Operations

VOY STRATEGIES provides program management, administrative support, human capital assessment, and operational services. 

Telecommunications and Contact/Call Center Services

From customer care center operations and support to Help Desk services,

VOY Strategies provides telecommunications and call center support.

We also provide scalable solutions for information assurance, continuity of operations planning (COOP), and network management services. We manage or support activities including market research, appointment setting, event registration, surveys, predictive modeling, and order processing and fulfillment.

Technology, Cyber, Engineering, Program and Management Strategies

Technology, Cyber &          Engineering Strategies

Human Capital Management

VOY STRATEGIES offers all levels of personnel and consulting services that spans entry level administrative staff, mid-level, and specialized and/or cleared subject matter experts and specialists. 

Course/Curriculum Design and Assessment Services 
We provide curriculum design and development services through our solid team of industry leading instructional and curriculum designers who employ solidified quality processes and management provided through traditional  live and virtual environments through printed or green courses. We also administer, monitor, and deliver assessment services across courses ranging from workforce development to project management and coaching services.

Facilitation and Collaboration Services
VOY Strategies provides facilitation and collaboration services delivered from a cadre of more than 30 expert team members including accomplished industry leaders with professional degrees and certifications across multiple platforms in both live and virtual environments. Our team specialize in workforce development and leadership tracks for technical, non-technical, and operational arenas. 


Our OD services range from small and large group team building through company-wide change management, cultural transformation, strategic planning, and business process engineering.

Technology, Cyber, Engineering, Program and Management Strategies

Voy Strategies is a partner/affiliate of:

Integrated program strategies

VOY STRATEGIES provides the planning and execution of a project or program so cost, schedule, technical performance, suppliers, quality and risks are managed and integrated to improve project management and governance.

VOY STRATEGIES provides Technology, Cyber & Engineering Strategies  that include IT Professional Services from inception to implementation; Data Analytics and Intelligence Fusion Centers.

Management Consulting strategies

VOYSTRATEGIES provides Workforce development, Leadership, Technical, Non-technical, Training, Human Capital Management, and Business Strategies..