VOY STRATEGIES provides Workforce development, Leadership, Technical, Non-technical, Training, Human Capital Management, and Business Strategies..

Technology, Cyber, Engineering, Program and Management Strategies

Human Capital Management

VOY STRATEGIES offers all levels of personnel and consulting services that spans entry level administrative staff, mid-level, and specialized and/or cleared subject matter experts and specialists. 

Course/Curriculum Design and Assessment Services 

We provide curriculum design and development services through our solid team of industry leading instructional and curriculum designers who employ solidified quality processes and management provided through traditional  live and virtual environments through printed or green courses. We also administer, monitor, and deliver assessment services across courses ranging from workforce development to project management and coaching services.

Facilitation and Collaboration Services

VOY Strategies provides facilitation and collaboration services delivered from a cadre of more than 30 expert team members including accomplished industry leaders with professional degrees and certifications across multiple platforms in both live and virtual environments. Our team specialize in workforce development and leadership tracks for technical, non-technical, and operational arenas. 

Recruitment and Staffing Services

Voy Strategies assists clients in acquiring the best talent to match their business development, IT services, cyber, sales, leadership, and “difficult to acquire” staffing and recruiting needs that support their organization’s strategic direction and growth is our priority. We source highly qualified candidates of mutual fit, more quickly without affecting your operational tempo and further reducing your risk and cost.

 Both large and small organizations need to think creatively when filling temporary and permanent employment needs. It isn't always feasible to hire new employees and there may be times when you need a different solution. We offer flexible solutions to meet your current and long term human capital needs for any position level.

Our staffing and recruitment services utilize capacity and high quality resources that are fully scalable, providing the client additional control over their project, type of assistance required, schedule and budget. We strive to compliment your internal team and work collaboratively to be an extension of your HR processes: