Technology, Cyber, Engineering, Program and Management Strategies

Coaching & Mentoring

VOY STRATEGIES coaching is driven by our credentialed,  experienced, and specialized coaching team who provide onsite, virtual, and online group, executive, leadership, career, business development, sales, life, wellness, and other specialized services.

Knowledge Management (KM)

Our KM support is customized to meet program, logistical, analytical, system's needs. Our services include program support; registration and logistical support/management/ analytical modeling; accreditation; content management; learning management; and learning solution services.

Workforce Development

We are prepared to augment or support existing employees with leadership, technical and non-technical, and operational development services. We offer assessments; course/curriculum design and development; facilitation and collaboration; OD and intervention; and evaluation services.

Organizational Development and Intervention Services  

VOY Strategies provide OD specialized, tailored services for new and established organizations developing, modifying, or analyzing their current corporate cultures and environments. We are equipped with the resources to support short-term and extensive OD services.


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Our OD services range from small and large group team building through company-wide change management, cultural transformation, strategic planning, and business process engineering.