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Individual and Group Coaching Sessions Available.

VOY STRATEGIES has extensive experience coaching in various commercial and customized Federal Agency-specific models over the past decade. When it comes to business development and leadership coaching, there are nearly as many “models” as there are coaches.  As with many interventions, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to every individual’s or organization’s needs.  VOY STRATEGIES is experienced in many types of coaching and mentoring models but has learned over time that the most effective is an integrative approach to coaching founded on the behavioral sciences and customized to each customer’s needs. Our general approach integrates personal development, values, beliefs, emotions, attitudes, and motivation and incorporates adult and social learning with personal and organizational dynamics. This model can also facilitate the performance, learning and development of teams as well as individuals, which in turn assists the developmental goals of the client organization. To identify gaps and effect lasting change, appropriate validated behavioral change instruments are used during the coaching and mentoring process (such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and Neurolinguistic Communication Profile assessments).

VOY STRATEGIES also conducts individual coaching and small group work on the basis of two types of transformation objectives – learning objectives (knowledge) and performance objectives (skills and behaviors).  VOY STRATEGIES would verify both types of objectives with the client for each relevant personnel role, and could develop competency models for any role that does not have them (e.g., descriptions of knowledge and skill for novice, intermediate, and advanced levels of performance).  This would support the correct targeting of coaching, training, teamwork, and work in other formats, as appropriate.  This also significantly encourages real change by enabling trainees to develop personalized learning plans for use beyond coaching and training events.

In addition, coaching and mentoring components are included in most of our 200+ course offerings. We have been instructing leaders in Business Development, Sales and Leadership Coaching and Mentoring, which provides practice in coaching and being coached; building skills in setting context for a coaching relationship; assessing knowledge, skills, and abilities to determine coaching readiness levels; formulating objectives for short and long-term ranges; and enabling performance for workplace coaching/mentoring activities. These courses train participants to recognize their desire to assist others through transitional changes within an organization, to improve overall individual and team performance, to influence better decision making, and to foster a desire to help others succeed by removing myths and addressing the realities associated with reaching a goal. Participants learn to recognize the importance of a personal vision, mission, and goals.

Since 2008, we have been providing performance optimization and leadership coaching and mentoring to private and public sector clients, including one-on-one coaching sessions, work shadowing, and telephonic coaching and support. Our professional personnel also have extensive experience working with US and international senior executives to assess business development requirements, sales, revenue generation, organizational development, design custom solutions, develop curriculum, conduct training, and measure results. VOY STRATEGIES is committed to the success of our customer executives, business leaders, teams, and organizations to help them achieve higher levels of effectiveness and profitability via business development skills and tools. We are poised to identify, develop, deliver and execute strategic business development initiatives with measurable results.  

VOY STRATEGIES has nine certified coaches on board ready to support your organization.  We have a combined 108 years of direct experience in both public arenas (Federal Aviation Administration, Social Security, Department of Defense, and Department of Transportation) and private arenas (Disney, General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, Pfizer Pharmaceutical, Motorola, Home Depot, CSX, Allstate, State Farm, and Norwest Mortgage Company), and we have certifications from EQmentor, International Coaching Federation (ICF), International Association of Coaching and Jesse Ball DuPont Foundation Community Coaches.  This seasoned team of business and executive coaching professionals can provide one-on-one, team, group and organizational coaching to support either an individual or groups within your organization.

VOY STRATEGIES’ coaches draw from a variety of models – e.g., transformational or transactional, situation leadership, personality types, teaming and conflict types, etc. – as required by the individuals and coaching environment.

Our coaching and mentoring sessions are conducted in a layered approach.  We begin with key assessment tools that provide a window into known behaviors and help to assist with the discovery of the "unknown" leadership pitfalls that may be entrapping our clients.  Upon gathering this information, we fully engage with clients on developing current and successful strategies elevating them to a heightened level of transformational and strategic influence in their organizations.   


Are you looking for a way to extend the leadership development choices for individuals and teams? One-on-one coaching and team/group coaching provide rich opportunities to engage in discovery and learning to personally and professionally prepare for changing leadership environments.

Voy Strategies approaches coaching (executive, leadership, or team) as a formal engagement that consists of a series of dynamic, confidential sessions designed to stimulate personal growth and improve performance. Through interaction with a qualified coach, individuals (and teams) become more self-aware and increase their capability to take more effective and fulfilling action. Through our coaching experiences, coupled with repeated practice and feedback, we are confident individuals and teams will uncover new ways of thinking and behaving to unleash the potential they may not realize they possess.

Voy Strategies coaches hold certifications from:

  • International Coach Federation
  • EQMentor
  • International Association of Coaching
  • ​Jesse Ball DuPont Federation Community Coaches

Our Coaching Framework You will experience a coaching framework that consists of six dimensions:

Build Rapport and Trust

Whether coaching in-person or from a remote location (via telephone, teleconference, or online), Voy Strategies coaches seek to build and maintain rapport and trust with their coaching clients. Coaches accomplish this by:

 • Emphasizing and maintaining confidentiality
 • Getting to know clients as individuals
 • Showing genuine concern for their clients
 • Demonstrating integrity, honesty, sincerity, and respect
 • Clarifying goals and objectives, and creating a vision for success
 • Using effective communication and coaching skills

Understand Strengths and Development Needs

 Coaching is best supported when there is a clear understanding of where the coaching client is currently and where they want to grow and develop. Our coaches help their clients identify SMART goals for specific competencies (Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic, Time-bound) they want to strengthen.

Engage in Coaching Sessions

The frequency and length of each coaching session is highly individualized, but most coaching clients prefer 45-50 minute, bi-weekly sessions. During each coaching conversation, our coaches give full attention to the client, using effective techniques for the client to learn, integrate, and apply. They also initiate the kind of conversations that have the potential to transform the client’s inner self so their outer actions are more powerful.

Build Strong Support

In order to be successful, the coaching clients need to build support for their professional development from their managers/supervisors, peers, and potential internal and external customers. Our coaches help the supervisors of the coaching client to:

 • Understand their environment
• Build support
• Prioritize actions
 • Map implementation and evaluation strategies

Track Performance

Our coaches guide coaching clients to assess their implementation activities from multiple perspectives. They will be asked to:

 • Reflect upon their own progress
 • Collect feedback from colleagues and managers/supervisors
 • Check progress against identified milestones
 • Make adjustments to their implementation plan, where appropriate

Create a Development Plan for Continued Learning

The final step in working with a coaching client is to ensure they understand how to continue to set development goals, prepare and implement action plans, and stay motivated to learn, grow, and develop their leadership skills and abilities.